AS/400 - iSeries Programming Account on texAS400's iSeries

Would you like to practice your skills or even do development work on texAS400's iSeries?

$25 for 3 months

You get access to Operating System V6.1 with RPG, RPGLE, CBL, CBLLE, CLP, Query and SQL

You have your private library where you can create source files, data files and programs.

You can access the iSeries one of these ways:

Click on the work "terminal" at the bottom of the texas400 home page (must be using internet explorer)
or download and install any TN5250 emulator (we'll send you some instructions)
or (if you have it) create a connection with iSeries Access

Things you can do:

Write and compile RPG III, RPG IV (RPG-ILE), RPG Free, COBOL (ILE), CL
We'll install SavF programs for you in your library (you email it to us)
Write and run queries and reports
Create printer session using Mochasoft emulator

Things you can't do:

System Administration or user profile maintenance
Web stuff (CGI)
Question? email

Ready to go?

Click on the pay pal link below and pay $25
email us
Within 24 hours you will receive instructions to start using AS?400 - iSeries

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