Favorite i5-iSeries-AS400 Links

Tips and Source Code

Best set of tips and programs - Spend some time here www.think400.dk
Free i5-iSeries-AS/400 Terminal Emulator Free TN5250
Another Free i5-iSeries-AS/400 Terminal Emulator
and lots of other good stuff from Albert York
Free TN5250 and lots more
Easy 400 Perotti's "Using RPG and Cobol to Create Dynamic HTML" and about 20 free cool Utilities
AS/400 iSeries Forum midrange.com
(Hint:search the archives for answers to any iSeries questions)
Robert Cozzi's site - great book and lots of sample code www.midrangenews.com
Links to articles written by Jon Paris and Susan Ganter
professors of the industry
iProDeveloper (System iNetwork) www.iprodeveloper.com
Advice about programming, operations, communications www.rpgpgm.com
The AS400 Specific Search Engine www.search400.com
Sample programs www.code400.com
A family of publications serving users of IBM eServer business computers www.ibmsystemsmag.com
A great tutorial for IFS, Sockets and TCP Programming www.scottklement.com/rpg/index.html
Profound Logic - Scott Klement works there www.profoundlogic.com
Brad Stone's page - author of eRPG Book www.bvstools.com
Uzaemon's home page - several great utilities homepage1.nifty.com/uzaemon/
RPG Language - RPG resource and IVIEW tool www.rpglanguage.biz
Subscribe to four IT Jungle newsletters http://www.itjungle.com/newsletters.html
Free AS/400 Software www.freeas400software.com
Mochasoft has a great iSeries terminal emulator(TN5250) www.mochasoft.dk/download.htm
A series of articles on RPG-ILE midwareservices.com/RPGIV/rpg_iv_series.htm
Craig Rutledge Home page - includes utilties and games http://www.jcrcmds.com
Booth Martin Home page - includes code samples & tools/td> http://www.martinvt.com
More free utilites & Tools www.tools400.de
Free utilites from Aaron Bartell www.mowyourlawn.com
Tips - about 100 great tips http://www.as400pro.com/ViewTips
iSeries blog iseries.blogs.techtarget.com
A lot of good stuff ILE RPG Programming
Running Perl on iSeries/AS/400 www.texas400.com/perlintro.html
iseriespriest blog http://iseriespriest.blogspot.com
Bryan Meyers-AS/400 Author http://www.bmeyers.net
RPG Next Gen - Eclipse based open source equivalent to RDi http://www.rpgnextgen.com

IBM Help Sites

IBM Info Center for iSeries http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/iseries
IBM's web site for AS/400 - iSeries - i5 - System i http://www.ibm.com/systemi
IBM's OnLine Manuals prior to V5R4 http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/html/as400/onlinelib.htm
IBM's OnLine Manuals V5R4, V6, V7 http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/eserver/ibmi.html
Web Page of Crucial Mfg Model Printer Info Click Here
Web Page of Crucial Remote Output Queue Info Click Here
Web Page of Printer Model Settings for Host Print Transform Click Here
IBM Product Publications http://publibz.boulder.ibm.com/index.html

Users Groups

COMMON - A Users Group www.common.org
Metro Midrange Users Group (Dallas/Ft Worth) https://mmsa.wildapricot.org
OCEAN - User Group of Southern California www.ocean400.org
Minneapolis - St. Paul Users Group www.quser.org
Fairfield, CT Users Group www.fasug.org
Delaware Valley Users Group www.dvcug.org
Washington (D.C.) Area Midrange www.wash-midrange.org
Tri-State Users Group (Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio) www.tsmug.org
Mid-Range Michiana (Michigan, Indiana) www.mrmug.org
The OMNI User - Chicago Users Group www.omniuser.org
Southeast Michigan Usersw Group www.semiug.org
West Michigan IBM i Users Group www.wmsug.net
Central Missouri Users Group www.cmigmug.org
St. Louis Users Group www.gateway400.org
Reno - Sparks Users Group www.rsmug.org
New Hampshire Midrange Users Group www.nhmug.org
NESTU of New Jersey (Fairfield,NJ) www.nestu.memberlodge.org
Long Island, NY Systems Users Group www.lisug.org
Midrange Users Group of Western NY www.mugwny.org
New England Midrange Users Group www.nemug.com
Cascade Users Group (Oregon and SW Washington) www.cascadeusergroup.net
Tennessee Midrange Users Group (Nashville) www.imugtn.org
Vermont Midrange Users Group www.vtmug.org
Wisconsin Midrange Computer Professional Association www.wmcpa.org
TUG.CA - Toronto Users Group www.tug.ca
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