Demo Shopping Cart Application

What you are about to see is a very intuitive shopping cart demo
running on a tiny, slow iSeries. This is a model 270. Your iSeries
or AS/400 is probably 20 times faster.

This is a very simple application written to generate interest and
imagination. All programs are written in RPG-ILE. The web pages
are served by the i5-iSeries HTTP Server.


Programs similar to this can written on your system for:

customers to view shipping status or orders
builders to view building permits
citizens to view water bills
remote employees to view status reports

Notice that I don't have the correct images for the parts so I show a picture of an old AS/400 for every part.

Imagine having a shopping cart that is completely maintained using
your iSeries. You add a part, change a price or include a part in the
"Hot Deals" and it is instantly changed on your SHopping Cart.
So, click here to see this application.

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